Hello Pancakes!(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~♥ This is Tefy Tsukiyama from México. Thank ChuU Berry Much for all ur love♥ *3* Keep nyappy~ !

♥Tefy Tsukiyama♥


♥Zodiacal: Escorpio♥

 ♥Height: 1.65m♥

♥weight: 44 kgs♥

♥Ocupation: Miku's sexual slave♥

♥Hobbies:Watching movies,Eating,Reading, Singing, Shopping and be with my friends.♥

♥Music: I love all kind of music but of course my favorite band is AN CAFE♥

♥Fav Food: I LOVE FOOD!!♥

 ♥Fav Brands: Sex Por Revenge, Tatei, Sanrio, Pull and Bear, ZARA, Freak Friends♥

 ♥Fav colors: Pink and black♥

♥Fav Drink: Tapioca♥

 ♥Idol: Bou-sama♥

♥Piercings: 1Bellybottom/3left ear+tunnel 5mm/6right ear♥

 ♥Smoke/drink: Both♥

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